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Looking for a low cost solution for your driveway paving or patio paving? Concrete and in particular imprint concrete (stamped concrete) is a great option. Concrete is a long term solution that is both stable and long lasting. With standard concrete, we can use a brush finish, float finish or tamped finish depending on your requirements for the concrete surface.


Unique Patterns and Colours

You can choose from a wide and varied range of stamping patterns and colours to help select the best option for you and your home, and the pattern imprinted concrete can be laid in almost any design you specify. You can add even more impressive effects with both practical and decorative kerb effects.

If you live in the Essex area and would like a professional opinion on your concrete requirements, give the experts now at Vantage Drives and Patios a call. We are open 7 days a week for free on site visits and quotations. You will love our concrete work.



  • We excavate 220mm and lay 120mm of MOT type1 (roadstone) as a base to give a substantial, strong but flexible sub-base
  • We place ‘shuttering’ to all exposed edges locking in the concrete to a solid non tapered edge
  • We lay 100mm of reinforced concrete which gives it four times the strength of normal concrete
  • We add surface colour hardeners which create a coloured surface that is very hard wearing and UV light resistant
  • We will add the pattern that you have chosen to the new concrete surface
  • We seal the concrete surface with two coats of high quality acrylic sealer which protects the surface and protects against algea, lichen and staining

Our imprint concrete experts at Vantage Drives and Patios can advise you with your concrete driveway and patio needs. We can suggest any additions such as walling and decorative edging to ensure that you, the customer, are 100% satisfied with your finished concrete driveway.

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